Implantology of the motor system MD 30

MD 30, powerful and robust, yet intelligent and gentle

The new implantology motor system MD 30 is the convincing result of 40 years of research and development in the field of implantology. An outstanding solution in the sense of our philosophy of providing implantologists around the world with complete systems that leave nothing to be desired.

This unique motor system consisting of the housing, electronic motor, foot pedal and flushing hose provides two motor connections, which make the work considerably easier and more efficient.

10 storable programs for each of the two motors ensure the smooth operation during an intervention. Thanks to the optimized control of the motors, individual elbows, which are also equipped with LEDs, can perform their tasks with the utmost precision, guaranteeing safety and confidence in every treatment.

The edges and grooves have been dispensed with for effortless cleaning of the device. The pump shaft has been designed in such a way that penetrating liquids are immediately discharged from the housing. This too is an important.


  • Configuration menu for exact adaptation to individual needs.
  • Intelligent safety system with audible and visual warning and additional blocking of the motor run (eg when the pump shaft is open, the motor or pedal is not connected).
  • 70 Ncm maximum torque at the 20: 1 angle piece with graphical real-time display of the torque increase on the display.
  • Robust, high-quality technology and processing.
  • Integrated peristaltic pump for cooling the tissue, to prevent damage to the tissue.
  • Further developed engine control with smooth running with quiet, low-vibration electronic motor.
  • Multifunctional pedal for controlling motor selection, pump, drive and programs.
  • Hand and angle calibration.
  • Real-time speed display.
  • 10 programs per motor can be stored.
Implantology motor system MD 30  
Power supply: 100/115/230 volts at 50-60 Hz
Max. Power / torque at the motor: 120 W / 6 Ncm
Max. Torque on the rotating instrument: 70 Ncm at the 20: 1 angle piece
Motor speed range: 300 - 50,000 rpm
Tower instruments: ISO connector 3964 (DIN 13940)
Length of motor cable: 2 m
Coolant: 1 - 100 ml / min
Mass, W x D x H: 260/250/110 mm
Weight, control unit: 3.7 kg
Control: Vario foot pedal